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A Massive Thank You!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Where do I even start on this little thank you post?

The support I've received from you all is unbelievable. All the post shares, comments and likes. Also the word of mouth, that has built this business to what it has become. The last month has been the busiest I've been, to date, and people are still finding me! The article online in the South Wales Argus helped significantly too.

I've even been nominated for the Welsh Business Awards, again, this time without even asking! I honestly appreciate my customers so much. Every sale makes me so happy, no matter how small. It's often commented how cheap my fabric is, my goal is to keep it that way, so that home sewing is accessible to everyone.

As Christmas comes around, my aprons, dog bandanas etc will be on offer again (all personalised, on request).

I do enjoy making these, I only charge £12 per apron, with an extra 50p for personalised. I've actually found a way to make them a little cheaper than in the past, but still good quality. I can also post all over the UK. I can make them with slogans or in Christmas fabric. Same goes for the baby bibs (They tend to be 1st Christmas), dog bandanas, Christmas sacks and stockings.

I didn't want this to turn into and post advertising my product, but the aprons are hugely popular so I felt the need to share them. This post is mostly just to say THANK YOU I really don't have the words for how much, as a small local business, I appreciate every one of you that walks through my doors. So many of you have become friends that I can't imagine not having in my life.

As usual I will be closing for 2 weeks over Christmas, we all need family time. Hopefully lot's of people will be receiving sewing machines of Santa! In the new year I'm going to be looking to add some different fabrics, two that have been requested a lot are: Denim and canvas, so a small amount of both will be available in the new year, see how they sell. If you have any other requests, please comment, on here or social media, and I'll see what I can do.

Any way, I've babbled on long enough, again I will say Thank you, you are all amazingly supportive.

Jo x

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